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This report center is the centralized location for all reports published by the THECB. You can search the reports collection below, or you can look at the most recent reports or the most requested reports

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Most Recent Reports

Name Division/Department Date
2009 Header and Trailer Instructions Business and Support Services
Grants and Special Programs
6/02/2009 (PDF)
2009 Financial Aid Database Manual Business and Support Services
Grants and Special Programs
6/02/2009 (PDF)
CBM002 Questions and Answers Planning and Accountability
5/26/2009 (PDF)
Consolidated Annual Program Evaluation Report FY 2008 Planning and Accountability 2/09/2009 (PDF)
Special Project San Antonio Area - PATHWAYS Reporting Manual Planning and Accountability 5/06/2008 (PDF) (DOC)

Most Requested Reports

Name Division/
Statewide Factbook - 2000 Planning and Accountability
Performance Systems
1/01/2000 (PDF
Reporting and Procedures Manual for Texas Community, Technical, and State Colleges - February 2001 Planning and Accountability
Educational Data Center
6/28/2001 (PDF)  (DOC
Texas Public Universities' Data and Performance Report - Fall 2000 Academic Excellence and Research 6/15/2002 (PDF
Statistical Report - 2004 Planning and Accountability
Educational Data Center
9/01/2004 (HTML
Texas Higher Education Facts - 2006 Commissioner's Office
External Relations
11/04/2005 (PDF

Other Commonly Requested Reports

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