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PREP (Profile Reports Electronically Produced) Online

Data collected from Texas public higher education institutions are summarized into management information system database tables for query access. These summaries of certified data are accessible through the PREP system. Generally, information is available by institution or statewide for selected semesters.

Select data to query:


  1. These data are summarized from CBM reports provided to the Coordinating Board by the public higher education institutions in Texas.
  2. The enrollment information includes students in credit courses only.
  3. The degrees awarded data are reported after the end of the academic year and represent all awards in that academic year.
  4. Faculty dollar amounts represent one term’s (fall) compensation. Statewide faculty dollar amounts are in thousands of dollars.
  5. Cookies and java script must be enabled on your browser in order for Prep Online to function correctly.

If you need assistance with this application because of a disability, contact Janice McIver.

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